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Do Better Online

SEO Audit

a thorough report on the current state of your SEO, both technical and organic. Learn where, and why, you can improve and how. Pass this info along to your web people, DIY, or hire us!

Performance Audit

Performance as it matters to both Google and your Users, where are your bottlenecks and speed bumps, and what can be done to optimise your website. 

Security Audit

Is your data safe? Is your customer data safe? We can quickly and safely diagnose any leaks you may not see, yet. Before they cost you money. 


a full exploration of your exisitng site, with detailed reporting from multiple sources and actionable insights not reliant on becoming a permanent Plains.Digital client. This report covers SEO, Performance, and Security. 

Digital Marketing

Local Listings and Reputation

We’ll make sure your public listings are accurate and attractive (especially your Google My Business Profile!) and your reviews from Facebook and Google are answered appropriately. 

SEM and Paid Social Ads

Google and Facebook didn’t become what they are without producing results for their advertisters. Whether your budget is $500/month  or $500/minute – we’ll help you get the best bang for your buck!

Organic Social Media

FB, IG, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn,  Tumblr, MySpace, Twitter .. probably not twitter anymore .. wherever your customers spend their screen time, we can help you get in front of them and start conversations that result in sales.

Your business needs are unique. You’re using a computer, though, and the internet. If you’re not … well, you wouldn’t be reading this. We understand that your budget, and your patience, for more software is limited. Enough freaking Passwords! It’s already hard to get your staff to use the tools you have now. We get it. We’ve been on every side of the struggle!

To Get to It:

We can help minimize the cost and complexity of your “software stack”, giving you more control, complete ownership, superior security and decreased costs for the programs you need to use to run your business.

We can start by talking about this over a webcam, a coffee, or a Malty National cold one #supportlocal. Initial consults are fun and zero commitment beyond the 25 minutes we’ll talk shop. If you see a value to your business, we’ll get into it – if not – you’ll walk away with a greater insight into the current state of business technology. 

Business Operations

  • Analytics

    using Google Analytics OR (better)  a self-hosted and 1st party owned analytics solution, we will begin tracking all the pertinent details about your website traffic that you need to a) gauge customer intent b) make informed decisoins and c) increase your digital ROI over time

  • Professional Email

    Custom Tailored solutions for your business. Whether you need 2 addresses or 200, we can set up, manage, and maintain your ability to communicate with your customers. There’s NO reason to be spammy. Website clients get up to 5 email addresses FREE. 

  • HRM, ERP, CRM, etc

    Invoicing, Accounting, HRM, CRM, Inventory management, and all the other things your business needs to run … you’re probably using something already. Why not use your own thing? Let’s find it together!

  • Remote IT

    Have employees working remotely? Probably. Need to keep tabs on their equipment, their usage, and their activity? Definitely. Let us help you with Remote Monitoring and Maintenance so you can protect your assets and work effectively in this “new normal” we’ve created!

  • Communications

    How do you communicate with your customers? Phone, SMS, Google Maps, Google My Business Profile, Email, Chat, WhatsApp, FB, IG, Twitter, etc. ad nauseum. We get it, it’s a lot. We can help streamline, monitor, and improve on your client communciations in a thousand different ways. All of them will result in a better user experience for your customers, with better data and more opportunities to sell for you. 

  • Process Automation

    Automation is a big buzz word right now, but its not much more – outside of Big Tech and Large Enterprise settings. It can, and will, effect all levels of business and even your personal life in the near future. “Robots are taking our jobs” – this is true, and worth talking about, but this is NOT was Business Process Automation is about. BPO aims, instead, to empower your existing staff by allowing them to cut down on the mindless busywork that we all find ourself caught in at some point, and focus on the tasks that make them professionals and help drive your business objectives forward. 

  • "Stack" Consulting

    Are you using the best hardware for your business needs? Is your software stack an asset or a liability? Initial consulttations are free – and if there’s a need – let’s do a deep dive into your physical assets and your suite of software to find out how we can save you money, increase your efficiency, improve your carbon footprint, provide better user experience for customers and staff and generally just make your life easier Online! 

Do Better Online