Cloud Solutions in the Land of Living Skies

1) It is only here to fill the gap I’m faced with not having any. 

2)  There will be nothing valuable written here. 

3)  You probably have better things to do with your life. 

4) If you don’t have better things to do with your life than read this Post … than you need to make fixing that a priority

5)  Let your Aunt hook you up with the divocred women down the road … take up bowling .. learn Karate… something. 

6)  I don’t even what someone like you on my website, you sad sack!

7) If you continue to torture yourself reading this ridiculous list of nothing, you’re going to hurt yourself

8) I’m in enough trouble in this life without having your coma on my conscience. 

9) You get caught reading THIS post… there’s no turning back from that. 

10) You’ll have to leave town, change your name, wear a wig. It’ll be hard. Don’t.