Cloud Solutions in the Land of Living Skies

1) This blog space will not always be the total waste of time that it is right now.

2)  Within a few month there will be a good amount of engaging and informative content here.

3) That’s only the start of it though. Your’e also going to see an unbelivable amount of other content Rolling through these pages.

4) There will be news articles, memes, blatant advertorials, and hopefully a few totally insane guest writers.

5)  Anybody aware of this space will assume that I’ve quit doing anything else and spend my entire life either creating or curating content for this blog.

6)  I won’t be though. I’m far too lazy for that kind of horse shit. No. If anything, the more content you see here – the less work I did to create it.

7) That’s the whole damn point though. WORKFLOW AUTOMATIONS. 


Just wait and see!