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Welcome to the Cloud

It’s been a buzz word for a long time now, but nobody has ever been super clear on just what the hell that means. To people who aren’t highly focused on technology that makes it pretty much nonsense. 

A lot of people my age are pretty disdainful of the whole deal, saying “it’s just somebody else’s computer.” That’s funny, and accurate. They’re missing the point though. The point, and the value to every business, is that it’s not YOUR computer. You get to take advantage of Enterprise level technology without the Enterprise level budget. Lower overhead, manpower needs, carbon footprint, and time to Live makes adopting the Cloud the smartest business decision you can make today. 

Very soon this page will be filled with examples, reviews, prices, and offers for all the different types of software that your business needs to stay competitive. I hope you’ll get involved and let me know what and where to explore next. I love software. Using it. Learning it. Breaking It. Teaching it to Others. I’m good at it, and always have been! Let me, and the team, guide you to the right stack, help you install it, train your people to use it and evaluate their progress as we go. It’ll be fun, for me, all the way through. It’ll be fun, for you, when I show you how much money you’ve saved and earned.