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Build Your Own Websites!

Your website is a reflection of your business. It’s a reflection of YOU! One of the things people learn when they get their first website is that it is a living, breathing thing that needs to grow alongside you and your business. Left alone for more than a few weeks and your content starts to get stale in the eyes of the all important Search Engine, and your customers notice too! Not only that, but updates need to happen for security and stability! Now, we’ve got you covered on the last part, but we’ve found that the first bit -that content- has to come from the source.

The second thing new website owners usually discover, sometimes it’s the first, is that building websites can be HARD. If you’ve got no experience or training in web design and development, you’re often going to find yourself lost. Insider secret: it’s made that way on purpose! It doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

When your site is designed by Plains.Digital you’re left with something that anybody can pick up and edit, add to, and develop into their own beast with their own unique message. I’m not going to lie and say its something you can pick up in your sleep, but it’s easy enough that anybody shown the way can pick it up in a few weeks!

The same can be said for Digital Marketing. Whether you’re using paid Google Ads or Organic Posts on Instagram and TikTok, it is something that anybody can jump into but very few people can be really successful with until they’ve been shown the way by someone who’s gone down the wrong alleys, scams, and time wasting distractions that fill your inbox all day long.

SO, we decided to start training people in the mystic arts of Web Design and Digital Marketing so they could have a fighting chance at making their presence knows Online. Using our hand picked selection of premium design tools, we provide online training with a big emphasis on One on One training that can take someone from a total newbie to a websmith in just a couple of months.

A lot of times this isn’t something the business owner themselves wants to take on, they’re busy and we get that, so we’re happy to work with Admin staff, Sales staff, or somebody hired fresh for the position. It’s a fabulous opportunity for professional growth for your staff, and – at least we think so – it can be a fun and rewarded experience!

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With a mix of online course material and one on one training we can take anybody with basic computer literacy and turn them into a Web Designer in 3 months or less. 

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