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Hey, it happens to the best of us! Unfortunately, you’ve found yourself to a page that no longer exists. Considering I rebuild my own website every time the urge takes me, it’s not really that surprising. That’s why I made this page a little more fun than your average 404 page! Why not, I say? Your website is as important to your image as your suit, your business cards, your truck or your tool belt. Take the time to make it reflect who you are and what you’re about! I can design a site that matches your style, or I can show you how to do it yourself and give you the tools necessary to make it as impressive as the rest of your business. If you want it to be serious and straight laced, we’ll make it serious and straight laced. If you want it off the wall wacky, I can do that too! Fair warning, though, I’m a pretty big nerd about making sure your site runs as quickly as possible so if you ask me for too many zany animations – I may advise against it. It’s your ball game, though, I’m just pitching. 

Now, if you think we might have something to talk about, you can hit one of the buttons up top. If you’d like to poke around a bit more scroll on down to the bottom where you’ll find links to (hopefully) pages that actually have content! If you’re happy just hanging out here in broken webpage land, maybe I can interest you in a game of Tetris? If you don’t see the Tetris game below this … well, that’s just the kind of day you’re havin’ bud! 

Cartoon Man saying Oops because this is a 404 Page

Why should I care about missing pages?

When a page on your website gets lost or broken and somebody tries to access it, through an old link or bookmark (or a Google Search) you will get an error called a 404. Not the end of the world, end of day, but Search Engines like Google do NOT like to see these pages. If Google or Bing rides a link to a page on your website that no longer exists or is broken, your sites entire credibility goes down and you appear in search results less often. That means less traffic, that means less business, that means getting your old job at the Mac’s back and swallowing pain. Don’t swallow pain. Take care of your online property just like you do your office space! People are checking you out, and if you’re looking sloppy, you’re going to lose business. 

My customers can rest assured knowing that I can scan all their pages even more frequently than Google does, and I can ride in and fix problems before they become embarassaments. I’m happy to do this for clients whose websites I’ve hand built, or clients simply hosting on my servers. When you’re website lives with Plains.Digital you can rest assured knowing you have the best WordPress hosting package out there. The best hardware and software, along with 24/7 world class support makes hosting your website with Plains.Digital the obvious choice.