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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Regina on Thursday to promote things like the grocery rebate, but he was prodded about several hot-button topics around Saskatchewan.
Responding to the opposition seen outside the Co-op where Trudeau spoke, he said there will always be people who are more positive or more negative.
“It’s always great to meet people with a range of voices. And there will be people who are more positive or more negative – that’s one of the great things about Canada. It’s one of the great things that politicians can continue to come out and engage with people in such an open way,” Trudeau said.
Premier Scott Moe was missing yet again from Trudeau’s visit to the province. Trudeau said he had reached out to Moe beforehand, and acknowledged that their schedules didn’t align.
On the topic of the Mass Casualty Commission recommending that the Regina RCMP Depot be phased out, Trudeau said the depot is important to the local economy and to training police officers across the country.
“We will continue to look very carefully at the recommendations. I think we all recognize there have to be changes in how we move forward to ensure communities are safe, to make sure police have the tools and the abilities to do the work that everyone expects them.”
Trudeau spoke again about the federal minister David Lametti’s comment regarding the Natural Resource Transfer Agreement (NRTA), saying they are not making changes to the agreement.
“As Prime Minister, I’m happy to stand here right now and say we will not be touching the NRTA.”
He said real conversations need to be had about reconciliation though, and that the Prairie provinces need to be leading those conversations when it comes to natural resources.
Regarding the Saskatchewan Firearms Act being implemented in the province, Trudeau said the ban on assault-style rifles and protecting the rights of farmers and hunters are not incompatible.
He said more investments need to go towards the Canada-U.S. border to stop illegal guns from coming over, and more investments are needed for community safety and policing.
When asked about $10-a-day child care in Saskatchewan, Trudeau said the partnership with the provincial government is lowering the price of child care in the province, while maintaining reasonable wages for child-care workers and creating more child-care spaces.
“It takes years to build a system like this, but that work is ongoing with the government of Saskatchewan, and municipalities like Regina and Saskatoon where it’s appropriate.”
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Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday.